Additional Facts and Other Noteworthy Information from Articles

Additional Facts and Noteworthy Information from Articles:
The Chojnacki and Goldberg (1994) article lists the following as possible references for gathering career information:
Gay Teacher's Association
High Tech Gays
GayYellow Pages

The Chomp and Strom (2008) article provided the following as resources:
The National Center for Transgender Equality (
Equality California (
The Transgender Law Center (
The National Center for Lesbian Rights (

Human Rights Campaign page on workplace discrimination Career Development page from Arizona State Univ

Lesbian, gay, and transgendered individuals often limit their career choices according to occupation stereotypes. For example, a gay man may believe he can only choose to be a hairdresser, flight attendant, or interior designer. They limit their options because the stereotypical occupations are often safe (Pope et al., 2004).