Hello Group,

As promised, I will make an assignment sheet for articles and literature reviews. Hopefully Natalie will soon post the 4 seperate pages that we want to use.

Again, we are each going to review articles, add the complete citation to the "Citation" page, and then place the article on the page title that best suits. When putting literature reviews on the seperate pages, you only need to cite within the article, as we can reference the whole article title on the "Citations" page.

We do not have to use the color coding system anymore, as this page will serve as an assignment page and we can reference it to see who did what articles if necessary. If you want to use a color, however, you may, but I didn't know if this would freak out some people due to how it would look. So far, there are 23 articles, as one was duplicated in the files. If this is not an okay assignment, or if you have already done one of these articles, please communicate with the assigned person and switch. Also, we can still add more articles, just make sure to assign them when this happens.


A phenomenological exploration of the experiences of dual-career lesbian and gay couples.pdf

Career Counseling with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Persons The Next Decade.pdf

Toward a Conceptualization of Career Counseling with Gay Lesbian Bisexual Persons.pdf

Critical Considerations in Career and Employment Counseling with Transgender Clients.pdf

Balancing Dangers GLBT Experience in a Time of Anti-GLBT Legislation.pdf

The GLBT Health Access Project.pdf

Legal discrim of lgbt employees.pdf

Lebians Identifying, Facing and Navigating.pdf

Applying Social Learning Theory of Career Decision Making to Gay Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgender, and Questioning Young Adults.pdf

Career Development Research and Practice With Diverse Culture and Gender Groups.pdf

wage effects.pdf

ULCA article.pdf

journal of voc behavior.pdf

coming out at work.pdf


Searching for Holistic Success- How Lesbianss come out on top.pdf

Patterns of career and identiity interference for lgbt.pdf

LGBT healthcare field thru histoy.pdf

Economic Rights, Myths, and Reality.pdf

Effects of dvp process on gay.pdf

Toward an Affrimative Lesbian, Gay,.pdf

The Effects of Simultaneous Development Process Factors Relating to the Career Development of Lesbain Gay and Bisexual Youth.pdf

Patters of Career and Identity Interference for Lesbian, gay, and Bisexual Young Adults.pdf

LGBT Career Development.pdf

Career Decision Making.htm