Hi Everyone,

I thought that we could create a page for communication. I would like to start reading some of these article this weekend, and did not know how we wanted to divide them up. For now, I will go ahead and read all the articles that I uploaded and provide a lit review on the "Literature Review" page. If there is a different method we want to use right now, please advise.

Also...Nicole, Natalie and I talked about each of us doing our lit reviews in differnt colors on the "Literature Review" page so that way we can identify our work easier. If you click on the above color wheel with the "T", you can change the text color. Just please pick a color that someone is not already using.

Hope this makes sense! Have a great weekend!


I call red!! I updated some more articles just a few minutes ago and the ones that have my names attached I will read and provide a lit review. Nicole I tend to be a grey gal, myself!!!!! Also, I forgot that there is the whole discussion piece that we can also use!!!! Abby (why is my name in red????)